Hospital History
Govt. Mental Health Centre Peroorkada
Mental Health Centre, Thiruvananthapuram is located in Thiruvananthapuram District, in the Southernmost of the state of Kerala. The campus is situated about 10 kms away from the Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station. The area of the campus is 36 acres. His Highness Maharaja of Travancore started the Then "Mental Hospital" in the Year 1870.
The hospital was renamed as "Mental Health Centre" in the year 1984 and the administration was handed over to the Director of Health Services in the same year. Thereafter this institution improved steadily. Still much more has to be done to cater the felt need of the society.
Govt. Mental Health Centre Thrissur
Mental hospital Thrissur was opened in the year 1889 by His Highness Maharaja of Cochin as a single block with 15 cells for males and females. Additional blocks were built gradually and females section was separated. The management of this hospital was taken over by the Govt. of Kerala in 1956. Pavilion wards for females and males were constructed in 1969.
In the year 1984 the hospital was renamed as Govt.Mental Health Centre Trichur as recommended in the Estimate committee report. Six psychiatric units (4 under Kerala Health Services and 2 for Medical College Thrissur were created in 1984. Permission to visit the inmates was granted to their relatives and friends from 1984 onwards.
Better provisions in the diet schedule as recommended by Krishnamoorthy Commission were implemented the year 1984. Family ward for females (where the relatives stay with the patients and look after them) was introduced in 1987 and for males in 1989.
The hospitals premises have an area of about 14 acres and at present there are 16 wards including a KHRWS pay wards. Initially the sanctioned bed strength was 240 and the present sanctioned bed strength is 361. The daily census on an average is above 396.
Govt. Mental Health Centre Kuthiravattom
Govt Lunatic Asylum, Calicut was one of the three mental asylums established by the British in the erstwhile Madras Presidency. It started functioning at Kuthiravattom in Kozhikode in the year 1872 with 9 beds. The local people called it the “Bharanthan Jail” (Lunatic Jail). The purpose was to isolate the mentally deranged British soldiers and the violent mentally ill native patients from the society. Jail IG who was in charge, regularly visited the asylum and gave the necessary directions.
In 1886, there were facilities to accommodate 84 patients. The patient strength increased to about 350 in 1935, 500 in 1940, 700 in 1970 and 800 in 1990. Thereafter the patient strength declined to the existing level of about 600 in 2008.
Handicraft like weaving and stitching were present from the very beginning itself. In 1941 all the necessary clothes for the 500 odd inmates were made here. Electricity came to the centre in 1955.
Pay ward was constructed in 1967 and new pay ward 2010 . In 1972 Family therapy ward for involving the family in the treatment plan was opened. Centenary was celebrated in the same year under the leadership of Sri. K.P Keshava Menon. The Centre now caters to the mental health needs of the people of the six northern districts of Kerala and also the adjoining districts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka